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  It’s time we ordered dinner. 现在该叫菜了。

  I think It’s time you went to bed. 我想你该睡觉了。

  It’s time we went [were going, should go]. 我们该走了。

  It’s time you washed those trousers. 你该洗洗那条裤子了。

  I’m getting tired. It’s time we went home. 我累了,我们该回家了。

  I think it’s time they were taught a lesson. 我想现在该给他们一点教训了。

  It’s time someone spoke up for the less privileged in our society. 应该有人为我们社会中较不幸的人说说话了。

  It’s time you looked ahead and made plans for your retirement. 是你为以后想一想并对退休后的生活做出安排的时候了。




  It’s time the kids were in bed.

  =It’s time for the kids to be in bed.



  (1) time前有时有about和high修饰:

  It’s high time we left. 我们早该动身了。

  It’s high time you bought a new car. 你该买辆新车了。

  I think it’s high time that she made up her mind. 我想她该拿定主意了。

  It’s high time they began to take you seriously. 现在他们应该开始认真对待你了。

  (2) 与其他的虚拟结构不同,该结构不能在该用 was 时而用 were:

  It’s time I was in bed. 我该上床睡了。(不用were)

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It's time后的从句用虚拟语气
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