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  The great benefit of living with, working for, or being related to people who have experienced more of life than you have is picking their brain for advice.


  The most effective people learn from their own mistakes, and make a significant effort to learn from other people's errors as well.


  A recent Quora thread asked users for the best advice they've ever gotten. Here are a few of the greatest excerpts, lightly edited for clarity:


  1. Never say "but."

  不要说“但是” 。

  "A very smart woman I worked with once told me that if Ieliminatedthe word 'but' from my professional vocabulary, I'd find greater acceptance for my ideas, and greater cooperation from my team members... The word 'but' negates everything that precedes it, and you cast a negative spin on anything you say when you use it... 'But' is exclusive and isolating; 'and' is inclusive and welcoming." —Quora user Marsha Browne


  2. You never get anything unless you ask.


  "It was a professor in my university, but I believe its origin is from somebody famous: If you don't ask, the answer is always 'no'." —Quora user Joe Yasman

  “这句话是从我大学的一个教授那儿听到的,但我觉得这句话是源自一句名言:如果你不去问,那么答案永远是 ‘不’。”—Quora的用户乔伊

  3. Think before you complain.


  "Don't complain. I think it was phrased as something like, 'Do you ever listen to someone complaining and think, This is a great conversation!?' Being negative doesn't help others, and it doesn't help you." —Quora user Steve Carnagua


  4. Time is the one thing you never get back.


  "A mentor I had some years ago told me that time is the one thing that you can never get back. If you look at it as an asset, you can donate it, spend it, or waste it. Whatever you do with it, it is gone once it passes." —Quora user Karen Meyer


  5. Attitude is more important than talent.


  "I have been time and again repeatedly told that a strong positive attitude takes a man farther than his talent. There are many greats in sports, entertainment, politics, science, and art who had great talent but lost on huge counts only because of a faulty and shaky attitude.


  Attitude helps you solve problems talent cannot. Attitude helps you navigate through problem talent hides." —Quora user Vamsi Uppala


  6. Quality is always greater than quantity.


  "If you're going to do something, do it well enough to avoid doing it the second time. Going back to do something the second time is a time-waster if you knew it can be done right the first time. Even writing this post, I'm putting in my best effort into editing it, explaining it, and making it easy and enjoyable to read — to avoid going back and fixing any grammatical errors." —Quora user Dennis Do


  7. Be reliable.


  "Do what you say you're going to do." —Quora user Blake Alexander


  8. Do the right thing.


  "Advice from Charlie Munger (notprofferedpersonally): The safest way to try to get what you want is to try to deserve what you want." —Quora user Josh Tarasoff


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